Bio-based Additives & Their Future

SpecialChem | Michel Biron - Nov 2, 2011

It is necessary to anticipate the growing scarcity and the possible drying up of petroleum, source of virtually all the plastics. In this context, all the countries study the replacement of oil-based products by bio-sourced equivalent or innovative products. For the bio-additives, a global consumption of 80mt in 2030 can be estimated. A bio-industry could provide many benefits such as productive use of agricultural and forestry wastes, lower emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants, and growth in rural economies but some parameters must be evaluated such as pollution by fertilizers and pesticides.Bio industry calls for new industrial ways including biotechnology and bio refinery leading to bio platforms and bio blocks. Some natural products and their derivatives have been used for a very long time and thanks to the continuous research efforts which are always of essential interest, for example: Fatty acids, their salts, esters and amides used as lubricants, processing aids, PVC heat stabilizers, emulsifiers; Epoxidized vegetable oils, Starch used as filler, Liquid depolymerized natural rubber. Plasticizers win the biggest slice of the cake leading to proprietary products such as GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE, POLYSORB ID®, ECOLIBRIUM™, IsDEH, CITROFOL®, ATBC, UNIMOLL AGF, LAPOL®. 'Mixed metals' stabilizers based on a combination of metal carboxylates and co-stabilizers lead to PVC stabilizers for lead and cadmium free PVC formulations. Metals can be Calcium-Zinc, Barium-Zinc, Potassium-Zinc, Tin carboxylates. Of course, intensive research concerns protective agents derived from renewable resources, Cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL), gum from Moringa oleifera, Vitamin E, natural tocopherols, natural keratin, tomato extracts, grape seeds, etc. Additive manufacturers develop many additives and masterbatches: Curing agents for epoxy resins, processing aids, strengtheners, tackifiers, antistatic agents, organic fillers, biocarbon content enhancers for fossil plastics. Among natural fibres, cellulose nanofibres are promising, 2-3% into polypropylene (PP) leading to better performance than a 30% GF reinforced PP. For a more distant future, specific or general-purpose bio platforms and bio blocks are developing.
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Excellent Review - Jul 23, 2014
posted by Ken Beach at Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
Thank you for such a concise and informative review. I look forward to reading a 2014 or 2015 update.

Very Good and Very Useful - Jan 03, 2013
posted by Graham Swift at GC Polymer Consultants
Puts together much information that has bearing on the future of biobased additives.

Great overview of bio-based chemicals segments - Oct 28, 2012
posted by Robert Brentin at The Brentin Network, LLC
Quite comprehensive with specific details. Would like to see periodic updates.

Very good review - Oct 14, 2012
posted by Matthias Langer at FILK gGmbH
The article gives very completely information about the Bio-Additives and their main suppliers. It's very usefull for me, espacially the bio-based Plasticizers overview.

Good review - May 24, 2012
posted by LUIS VAZQUEZ at Carso Research and Development Center (CIDEC)
It´s a complete review, Amazing article, It give us a clear trend in "bio" raw materials.

Good review - May 22, 2012
Here are very completely information about the Bio-Additives their main suppliers. It's very usefull for me.

Complete Review - Feb 16, 2012
posted by Aris Yuswinanto at PT TITAN Petrokimia Nusantara
Thank you very much for sharing this complete market research, amazing

Very good Summary - Jan 03, 2012
posted by Günther Walther at Coating Consulting
It is a very good summary report about bio based raw materials for the future

Good review. - Nov 10, 2011
posted by Jayendra Shah at Jayvee Organics & Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
This article gives broadly the present dstatus of Bio-Additives and their main suppliers. However, there is a long way to go. Considerable new development ands and R&D efforts are necessary to meet future requirements.

good review - Nov 03, 2011
posted by Miguel Ventura at ITENE
This article is very clear and shows all the main players and brands in the bio world

- Nov 02, 2011
posted by Nilo Neto Martire at Eritram Consulting

Soup to Nuts - Nov 02, 2011
posted by Wayne Smith at DanChem Technologies, Inc.
Good overview of bio-additives and bio-products. lots of information if you take the time to go thru the whole article.

Very good review - Nov 02, 2011
posted by Günther Walther at Coating Consulting
Here are some interesting facts about the raw materials for the next years

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