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Nanocomposites Having Fully Exfoliated Clay Nanoparticles

- Oct 18, 2010

Patent - THe single biggest challenge when preparing nanocomposites is separation of the clay particles from each other (exfoliation). This patent provides a method to do just that by providing a mixture of a liquid, such as water, and clay, in which the clay is dispersed in the liquid, and treating the mixture to ensure that the clay is exfoliated; contacting particles of polymer with the mixture of...

Source : Song, Mo; Cai, Dongyu. (Loughborough University, UK). PCT Int. Appl. (2010), WO 2010106358 A1 20100923

SpecialChem4Polymers Members Reactions

continuous ultrasonics - Oct 21, 2010
posted by C.J. Chen at YTC America
How to control or maintain bath temperatures with continuous ultrasonics?

unfound patent - Oct 21, 2010
posted by amitha rani singh at NAL
can't locate this patent. pl. help.

continuous ultrasonics - Oct 20, 2010
posted by Dr. Phillip Wilson at Inspired Innovations, LLC
I have been using continuous ultrasonics to exfoliate and disperse nano-platelets in liquid resins since 2004. It works very well.

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