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Blowing Agents benefits

In the food packaging industry, staying competitive and offering the best plastic solutions means being able to deal with key elements such as food-contact approval (FDA) and waste production management, in a regulatory-driven context.

Newly developed endothermic Blowing Agents (Foaming agents) help food packaging manufacturers reach these requirements by decreasing raw material cost. These additives produce a foamed structure in polymers such as PE, PP, PS, PVC and PET, allowing a reduction of the polymer amount needed.

Discover Adeka-Palmarole's Endothermic Blowing Agents (Foaming agents) performances by clicking on the sections below:

Foaming Agents key performances Reduce overall cost with Endothermic Blowing Agents!A better processing and mechanical properties retention...Ease your Blowing Agent selection with a compliant solutionGo for a tailor-made solution to reduce packaging weight


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