Silanes Coupling Agents Center

Why Use Silanes as Coupling Agent?

Coupling agents are used to provide a stable bond between two otherwise nonbonding and incompatible surfaces. In reinforced and filled plastics, the improved bond between the fibrous or particulate inorganic component and the organic matrix polymer results in greater composite strength and longer service life.

Organofunctional silanes are the best known coupling agents, and their effect is based on their typical special chemical structure: Y-Si(OR)3.

In this Silanes Coupling Agent Center we provide an overview of the benefits and main applications. To access specific information to help solve a specific issue or to identify opportunities for becoming more productive in your specific market, click on one of the images below.

>> Applications of Silanes as Coupling Agents <<
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Filler treatment with silanes
Filler Treatment Silica Treatment Glass Fiber and Bead Treatment

>> Benefits of Silanes Coupling Agents<<
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Improved durability with Silanes Improved tensile, flexural and compressive strengths with Silanes improved electrical properties with Silanes
Durability in Wet Environment Better Mechanical Properties Retention of Electrical Properties

Improved Filler dispersion with Silanes Reduced Cure inhibition with Silanes
Improved Dispersion Less Cure Inhibition


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