Chloroflo® 42


Dover (ICC Industries)

Product performance:

Stable, low viscosity, excellent solubility. Used as extreme pressure additive in metalworking fluids, this product is also used for several resin systems. It is insoluble in water, lower alcohols... 

Applications / Recommended for:

Color, Gardner
Chlorine (Cl) content %wt
Specific gravity @ 25°C
Viscosity @ 77°F poises
Stability, JQD (HCl, 4 hours @ 175°C) %
Flash point, COC °C

Product type:

  • Plasticizers >> Non-Phthalates >> Chlorinated Paraffins
  • Flame Retardants / Smoke Suppressants >> Chlorinated Compounds
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  •   Chloroflo® 40
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    Product Technology Supplier Doc Get support

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