Copeblack® 890


Columbian Chemicals - TO BE DELETED

Product performance:

Carbon black. It exhibits optimum performance in jet-ness, undertone, tint, gloss, stability, and rheology. Provides better pre-wetting of black, removal of the bulk of entrained air, initiation of... 

Applications / Recommended for:

Mean particle size, D3849 nm
Surface area (NSA), D6556 m2/g
Surface area (STSA), D6556 m2/g
Percent volatiles, 2A-700 %
Blackness index
Tinting strengh
Oil absorption [OAN] for beads, D2414 cc/100gm
Nominal specific gravity

Product type:

  • Conductive Pigments >> Carbon Blacks
  • Chemical composition:

      Carbon black

    CAS Number:


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